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PC Doctor's Customer Testimonials


Charles Grant e-mailed us to say that he was “very impressed and pleased” with our technician and “just wanted to say thank you for the help.” He also added that he had called several places in town for technical assistance and was not treated very courteously by most of them. He then decided that PC Doctors had treated him “nicely and with respect” and called us back for the service. “Thanks, guys, for your continued good work.”


“My son-in-law always takes care of all of our computer needs. He was out of state this time, so that led me to the phone book. I tried several companies that were only too happy to send someone the next day or even two days later. If I would have had two days to spare, I would have driven across town to pick up the list I needed to retrieve from my e-mail in order to work up the bid (on time). Your company was wonderful and sent someone the same day. PC Doctors will have our business should we ever need someone again. Thank you very much.”

~Pat Diaz, JD Landscaping Service, Inc.



“Whether the job was big or small, we have found everyone to be very professional, knowledgeable, and willing to do as much as possible to help, and we believe the fees are reasonable. We are big fans of PC Doctors!”

~Sue Williams


“It was our first time calling a company such as PC Doctors, and we are very pleased with the services provided. Also, we have more confidence in our own abilities to troubleshoot due to the instruction provided. Thank you.”

~Frances Thompson


“You guys have helped out so much! Thank you.”

~Lindsay Mason


Leona Troxell called to thank PC Doctors for “a good job” on her computer and added that “everything is working fine.”


“I have never, ever met a professional who was so knowledgeable in his field and who was able to do so many different things, including helping a blind person connect a VCR (his television) to a high-end speaker system and then connect all of that to a hard drive. His patience, attitude, demeanor, and skill base . . . beyond superior.”

~Deborah Wallis


“I want to thank you. Your technician fixed my computer in no time. I am so grateful that words cannot express how much I appreciate the prompt service. I will refer everyone who needs computer help to PC Doctors. Once again, thank you.”

~Debbie Rich from DMG Underground, Inc.


"Once again, your company has proven its worth. This is my second opportunity to call upon your services and I am still impressed with the courteous, professional people associated with your organization. I will continue to recommend you as I have done in the past to my friends and associates that may have a need for your services. Once again, a big THANKS!”

~Ron Hawkins


“I just wanted to say thank you to PC Doctors for your very professional and timely assistance in providing me with the new system and set-up this week. I've relied on PC Doctors for several years now and you guys did an especially fantastic job this time.”

~ Bob Rogin


'Thanks so much for all your help. PC Doctors is the greatest.”

~ Mack Kidd , Texas Court Justice


“Our computers are working great. I'm very happy with your service and will use you again.”

~Brenda Playfair of Kuhn, Doyle, and Kuhn

Rocky Hardie referred a friend to PC Doctors, and this is what she had to say about us: “I spoke with one of my friends, Gail Simons, whom you assisted with a crashed hard drive, and she was very pleased with PC Doctors's work. But then, I had told her that she would be.”



"White called to tell us that a PC Doctors technician had worked on her computer and had done a wonderful job. She said that he was very polite and helpful and added that she would definitely use PC Doctors again. She also wanted to tell us how pleased she was with our services and that she would recommend PC Doctors to all her associates."

~Sheila Holbrook



Keith Hanson called to tell us that a technician had come to his house to work on his machine and had done a wonderful job. He stated that he “would recommend PC Doctors to his associates." He then repeated that the technician had done a wonderful job and proceeded to explain everything he had done for him. He said that if he ever needed any additional work done he would be sure to contact us.



"A technician came to my house to diagnose my computer problems today. My husband, the household engineer, had spent 40 hours over the last 2 weeks with the tech's from SBC with no luck or hope of a resolution in sight. The PC Doctor's technician arrived, and in short order, had diagnostics in the works. He was able to identify that two components we had been told to purchase were in fact faulty. What a relief and a treat to get exactly what you are willing to pay for!"

~Diane Anderson



“I sure appreciated the prompt and professional work on my computer.”

~Mary Jane Lofland with JBGoodwin Realtors


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