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Client Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for choosing PC Doctors. In order to better serve you and other valued clients in the future, your comments and suggestions will be considered by management in order to maintain the highest level of client service possible. Consultants will not be made aware of the client’s name who provides this information to management.


What is the last date of the service? MM/DD/YYYY
/ /
What is your name? (First & Last or Business)
What is your e-mail address?
What is the name of the consultant who assisted you or your company?
Did the consultant show up at the time scheduled?
Did the consultant sit down with you to try to understand your problem?
Did the consultant solve your problem? Is the work complete?
Did the consultant explain to you what was done before leaving you?
Do you understand our full and 48 hour warranty?
On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the consultant's professionalism.
On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the consultant's expertise and knowledge.
On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the value of the service you received.
Would you like to have a manager call you about any issues?
                        If yes, then what is your phone number?
                        If yes, then when is the best time to call you?
Are you looking for anything today? Do you have any outstanding issues? Comments?
Please note that the comments field is optional, but all other fields are required. You must have completed all of the items above (date, company name, ratings, ect.) in order to successfully submit this form.

Thank you for choosing PC Doctors!

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