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We make IT simple but Powerful!


Power IT is a enterprise class service management tool for small businesses.

  • Manage problem reports, changes, system configurations, and service ticket reporting
  • Cost-effectively manage your IT resources & personnel
  • Solve your IT problems faster
  • Create a custom knowledgebase


  • IT service board
  • Dispatch portal
  • Timesheets, time management
  • Manage information reports
  • Device configurations
  • Project management

Reach IT allows businesses the ability to support their employees anytime, anywhere!

  • Remotely touch mobile, branch and home-based employees
  • Anytime, anywhere support
  • Simple but robust solution
  • Green solution - decrease paper trail and increase productivity
  • National service support network
  • Real time ticket reporting

Xerox PagePack Features
  • A single contract that covers pages printed, maintenance, service and all consumables

  • A low fixed cost per page, whatever the print coverage

  • Price bands for high, medium or low usage customers

  • All after-sales service and maintenance delivered by Xerox qualified engineers


PC Doctors and Xerox have joined forces to provide the newest innovation in print management. Until now, inks and toner for printers were bought as and when you needed them ?which made identifying the real cost of running office equipment almost impossible. Now, you can take complete control with a Xerox PagePack all-inclusive service agreement. From the moment it starts, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying for every page printed, it couldn’t be easier. And it comes with peace of mind ?in addition to all inks and toner, you have everything you need including parts and service. All you supply is the paper. With a Xerox PagePack contract there is no longer any need to worry about what is being printed as you get a low fixed cost per page regardless of coverage.

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PC Doctors Automatic Backup Utility

The truth is that disaster can strike at anytime. It can take the form of natural occurrences, or in the form of fire, theft, sabotage, hardware failure, or user error. Any of these occurrences of data loss can severely threaten a company's business process.

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PC Doctors Computer Products and Sales

PC Doctors can build a strong computer that can be customized for your computing needs. We can also build, and customize, or upgrade your computer system to your specific requirements. We also specialize in ZyAir and ZyWall products.

Please Call us today for a quote on your new PC!

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