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Scan to PC Desktop Professional Workgroup Edition v9.1

Personalize your Xerox network scanning and your PDF workflow

The single greatest challenge today to streamlining documentbased processes in the office is the fact that there are three dominant, yet incompatible, document formats – Paper, Microsoft® Office and PDF. A significant majority of knowledge and information in the office is still in paper format.

Locked in a paper document, knowledge and information is not
easily shared across an organization. Microsoft Office provides
millions of professionals a rich environment for document
creation. However, the editable Microsoft Office file format is
not well suited for electronic publishing and online document
storage. On the other hand, PDF has emerged as an electronic
file sharing standard providing business users with a format that is well suited for the viewing, sharing, printing and archiving of documents.

Nuance and Xerox have developed a solution to help you
bridge this gap between Paper, Microsoft Office and PDF. And a solution to significantly improve the way every person in your
organization uses and shares documents – every day. The
Scan to PC Desktop Professional Workgroup Edition solution
is designed for seamless integration with Xerox multifunction

Scan to PC Desktop Professional is designed to facilitate
productive scanning and PDF workflow and includes the
following Nuance components:
PaperPort Professional 11 - Organize, Find and Share All Your Paper and Digital Documents

OmniPage Professional 15 - Convert, Paper and PDF Files into
Documents You Can Edit, Share and Archive

PDF Converter Professional 4 - Everything you need to convert, create and edit PDF files

Image Retriever Professional 8 - Automated Image Acquisition to the Desktop

PaperPort Personal Scanning Platform 1.0 - Personalize Xerox MFP Scannning Menus Directly from the Desktop


Get more from your Xerox system without complex software.
Simplicity in design. Powerful in use. ScanFlowStore was developed from a user point of view, based on actual issues users face when developing a digital archive. Give your workgroups the tools they
need to create an office where all documents can be stored and retrieved at the touch of a button.

  • ScanFlowStore takes the work out of transforming paper into useful digital files.
  • Create digital archives simply and efficiently. Just scan your documents directly from your Xerox multifunction device.
  • Scan a document as easily as making a copy or sending a fax.
    Retrieve each document just as easily.
  • Convert scanned documents into text-searchable PDFs.
  • Install ScanFlowStore on one non-dedicated central PC, not on every PC in the office.
  • No product training is required.
  • ScanFlowStore is available at one fixed price, no matter how many
    users you have or how many scans they make.
  • Bar code processing module eliminates entry of document retrieval criteria.*

Destinations supported:

  • Windows folder
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Xerox DocuShare™
  • Thompson Elite – ProLaw*
  • Exact e-Synergy*
  • Lotus Notes*

*Available at an additional charge.

For information on either of these products please call us or email us at Sales@pcdoctors-austin.com

You can also download PDFs here:

Scan to Desktop Professional Workgroup


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